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Peace Silk

Peace Silk



courtesy of AHIMSA SILK

Beautifully glossy fiber - SILK.

However, there is a cruel reality behind its production...




Convenrional silk is made from cultivated cocoons of silk moths.

Those silk moths called in Japanese "Kasan", which literally means domesticated silk moths, end up being killed while they are still in their cocoons. Before completing their life cycle, hundreds of thousands of silk moths are thrown into boiling water.

Yet,  silk can be produced in more ethical way.




That is Peace Silk. It is also called as Ahimsa Silk(Ahimsa means non-killing),Vegetarian Silk, or Cruelty-Free Silk.


Peace silk is made not from "Kasan" but from "Yasan", which literally means wild silk moths.

Peace silk production uses cocoons of wild and semi-wild silk moths which are "empty shells". That is, silk moths can emerge from cocoons instead of being killed. The life of moth after it comes out from cocoons is about 5 to 7 days. The moth would not take any food until their death. It is the nature of silk moth. Therefore it does not have any impact on the local ecosystem.



Conventional silk require boiling cocoons in order to make them soft and ready for being reeled. It is possible only when silk moths are remaining inside of cocoons and therefore cocoons are not broken yet.


However, peace silk cannot be reeled as a single thread. The cocoons used for producing peace silk are broken because silk moths emerge from them. Therefore, peace silk, like other short fibers including cotton and wool, is made by spinning. Since it is spun as fiber rather than reeled as yarn, peace silk is  is softer and warmer but with a more subtle sheen - not the satin look that most people are familiar with.


Gathering cocoons, spinning, weaving... Peace silk production is entirely by hand.

Peace silk is earth-friendly silk.



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