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Milk Fibre

Milk Fibre



(© Anna-Marina Fuhr for Qmilch)


Milk is not only to drink, but to wear.

Qmilch® is the world's first milk fibre free from chemicals.
Milk fibre has been experimented since World War I, but Qmilch® is the first man-made milk fibre entirely free from chemicals.

Milk used for Qmilch® is high quality organic milk which however do not meet food hygiene standards, in other words the milk which will be otherwise thrown away.
Qmilch® is made from the casein, protein from milk, using green energy.

6liters of spoiled milk is enough to make enough fabric for one dress. Also, Qmilch® fabric can be washed at home.

Qmilch® is not only free from chemicals. The surface of the fibre is much smoother than cotton and wool, therefore milk fibre is great for those who have sensitive skin.


Qmilch : Fiber Institute of Bremen)

Conventional fibres mixed with 20% of milk fibre can not only improve the smoothness of the textile but also reduce bacterial growth.


© Qmilch

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