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honest by.

honest by.


On January 30, innovative project "honest by." curated by Bruno Pieters was launched. honest by. is completely open about how its goods are made - and priced.



courtesy of honest by.





honest by. is curated by the award-winning Antwerp-based fashion designer and art director Bruno Pieters.
He has spent a sabbatical year exploring the developing world. His experiences, especially his time spent among native people in India, profoundly affected his thinking about fashion and inspired him to pioneer a new model for the fashion industry that made products honestly.


bruno pieters


Pieters and his team took a further year for research, tracing raw materials back to their origins to be certain every element in each piece is:


Mindful of the environment

Made in safe and fair working conditions

Kind to the wearer’s skin

Not harmful to animals

Organic, wherever possible


Take Organic Linen T-shirt with Recycled Wool Knit Sleeves as an example.

Organic linen used for this t-shirt came from Normandy and Brittany region in France, which was spun in Hungary, woven in Germany, and manufactured 100% in EU.
Cost is 87 Euro. Wholesale price is its double, 174 Euro. And retail price is its double, 348 Euro (excl. VAT).



While using the finest materials, honest by. is completely open about how its goods are made - and priced.

Complete transparency on manufacturing and pricing is given on each product page including thread, button, and even brand and size labels.

Moreover, 20% of the profit will be donated to a charity chosen by the invited designers.
Bruno selected Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) in India, which is a small Non-Governmental Organisation south India for socially disadvantaged poor people.



Debut collection was of course designed b Bruno Pieters. Other internationally-renowned designers will also contribute designs and collections. On 5th of April, the second designer for honest by. will be announced.
New products will arrive throughout the year, which push the conventional seasonal boundaries.



Theo Gennitsakis: honest by.)

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