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Fashion Summit

Fashion Summit


During United Nations Climate Change Conference -COP15-(7-18 December 2009), the biggest Fashion summit was held at the Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark, hosted by Nordic Fashion Association and Danish Fashion Institute.



Novozymes TV: FASHION SUMMIT - on the road to COP15)

"Fashion Summit is the first summit for the fashion industry, where representatives from international retailers and brands get together and talk about how sustainability can change the fashion industry.

You have to consider that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. They use a lot of water. They use a lot of energy.

elemental_textiles is about substituting chemicals or using the best available technology within chemicals.

elemental_textiles is a technology that is available today. This is at no extra cost. You get the same or even better quality. And these are substantial sustainable savings we see both on water and  CO2."

Cirkeline Buron, Global Communication Manager, Customer Communications, novozymes

Hair and Make-up for fashion show were supported by organic cosmetic brand Aveda. They not only provide natural-derived products but also sustainable packaging using post-consumer plastic.

Aveda: Backstage with Aveda at Copenhagen Fashion Summit - The Partnership)

"Aveda is a pioneer in the beauty and cosmetic industry in terms of sustainability. They are actually the only brand in the world in cosmetics that holds Cradle to Cradle certificate.
And this project about Fashion Summit and  Nordic Fashion Industry becoming more responsible and sustainable is also a pioneer project."

Eva Kruse CEO, The Danish Fashion Institute


"Has it become a fashionable in itself to be sustainable?"
"Absolutely it has been. I think the problem is that design has been lacking and the design has a lead in many ways in that follow.
We can change light bulbs and recycle bottles. We can do all those things. But fashion industry is much bigger than that.  
Fashion tells a story all the time. We need to tell a better story about how you can change the planet by what you buy, and we need designers to design better.
And now there are more and more companies designing better textiles and better products. So that resources and materials that designers have to work with are improving."

Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President IMG Fashion

"elemental_textiles is a package of solutions for different processes in textile industry. 
With our partner Esquel, we have made a number of tests. So the learning so far is that once you use all these good solutions, and produce one ton of cotton, then you save 80,000 litters of water."

Thomas Nagy, Executive Vice President, Stake holder Relations, novozymes

"Do you believe this sustainable trend is sort of long-term trend?"
"Yes, sustainability in the most perfect sense of the world is about things lasting. Truest luxury products are the ones really last forever."

Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President IMG Fashion

"I think the perception has been that sustainability or going green would cost more money. But with elemental_textiles, we have shown that you can actually grab all the sustainability benefits and superior quality of fabric without any extra cost."

Thomas Nagy, Executive Vice President, Stake holder Relations, novozymes

"I think the most important lesson for me is that actually the willingness of not only brands but also department stores."

Cirkeline Buron, Global Communication Manager, Customer Communications, novozymes

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