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Berlin Fashion Week 2013

Berlin Fashion Week 2013


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LOHAS COUTURE: leather jacket by No,No,Yes! @ PREMIUM)


We would like to show some brands we have met during the Berlin Fashion Week 2013.


LOHAS COUTURE: "Shosa" Leather ORIGAMI Wallet by No,No,Yes! @ PREMIUM)

These are "Shosa" wallets from Japanese brand No, No, Yes! . This shape is inspired by Fukusa, which is a piece of cloth used in Japan to wrap gift of money for celebrations. In Japan, to wrap is a way to express gratitude. Each wallet uses a sheet of vegetable tanned leather. There is no stitching, but instead Shosa has origami shape to serve the function.


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LOHAS COUTURE: Another Shirt Please @ SEEK)

Another Shirt Please from Sweden creates shirts to please everyone.
Each shirt had such a wonderful texture.
Although it is menswear brand, they produce from size XS so that women can also wear in boyfriend silhouette. You don't need to iron perfectly. Their shirts would look even nicer with some wrinkles.


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LOHAS COUTURE: Umiwi @ Ethical Fashion Show)

Umiwi from Germany supports charity projects around the world to make them less dependent on donations by establishing trade relationship.

These mango tree bangles are made by the charity project School for Life Chaing Maiin Thailand. Each bangle is made by hand and coloured with food coloring agent.

During Berlin Fashion Week, there are several sustainable fashion fairs including Green Showroom and Ethical Fashion Show. This year, there were more baby and kids clothing brands. The demand for sustainable and fashionable clothing for children should continue to grow.
And I hope more and more vegetable tanned leather brands will be internationally represented.

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