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Berlin Fashion Week 2011 vol.1

Berlin Fashion Week 2011 vol.1



LOHAS COUTURE: isabell de hillerin Fashion Show @ Showfloor Berlin)


Berlin Fashion Week took place between 18 and 23 January 2011. And LOHAS COUTURE has witnessed promising future of sustainable fashion.



At the international trade fair Bread & Butter, several brands including KUYICHI presented their fashionable and sustainable collection along with all other major brands. In addition to sustainable fashion brands, there were some positive approach towards sustainability, including hat brand STETSON which included classical hunting cap for 2011 spring-summer collection.



MIKENKE from Berlin presented limited collection of accessories in collaboration with organic cosmetic brand Dr.Hauschka.

MIKENKE for Dr.Hauschka accessories were designed for new cosmetics from Dr.Hauscka, "Lavender Dreams"

Material used is salmon leather. It is made from the skin of organic salmon, which is usually disposed. Salmon leather has python or snake skin optic.

MIKENKE for Dr.Hauschka accessories, limited to 500 pieces, will be available from March 2011 in selected department stores and concept stores in Germany.





rooters has invented rhubarb  leather using rhubarb root extract for tanning, and presented rhubarb leather bags and accessories in collaboration with VILDE SVANER, PETRA DIELER, STUDIO JUX and KASEEE.

Vegetable tanning agent used for rhubarb leather is extracted and cultivated from rhubarb root. Harmful chromium salt, which is used for conventional tanning process, is not used at all.

Rhubarb leather is biodegradable and the rhubarb root used in its production is a renewable raw material. This means that rhubarb leather does not need to put unnecessary strain on the environment.

In addition, rhubarb leather is 100% Made in Germany. The entire rhubarb leather manufacturing process takes place in Germany, from the cultivation of the plants, to the production of the tanning substance, the farming of the cattle and the tanning of the leather.





LOHAS COUTURE: rooters in collaboration with VILDE SVANER)

And finally, isabell de hillerin presented 2011/12 fall/winter collection "Patina".


LOHAS COUTURE: isabell de hillerin Fashion Show @ Showfloor Berlin)

Airy fabric in earth tone with beautiful drapes created feminine silhouette. Traditional Romanian handwoven fabric added warmth to structural jacket.


LOHAS COUTURE: isabell de hillerin Fashion Show @ Showfloor Berlin)

Right mixture of softness and hardness. Calm yet strong collection definitely showed the promising tomorrow of sustainable fashion.

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