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courtesy of Factelier



Factelier is the first website in Japan specialising in factory original brands.

"Factories have been suffering under the middlemen. As long as consumers seek for cheap prices, factories are the ones to suffer..." 
Brand History #01 HITOYOSHI


With the fast fashion trend, the proportion of "made in Japan" clothing has dramatically decreased from 50.1% in 1990 to 4,5% in 2009 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Monthly report on textiles and consumer goods statistic 2010).

Therefore, Factelier was born this autumn to preserve Japanese craftsmanship.

Facelier delivers excellent quality items with affordable price to customers by cutting "middlemen" (e.g. distributors, retailers) .


Factelier's first collaboration partner is HITOYOSHI, which has been manufacturing dress shirts for Japanese and international brands.




9,450 yen (inc. VAT)

courtesy of Factelier

Key elements of the best classical shirts are collar, armhole, stitching, cuff, darts, and shell buttons.
Facterlier by HITOYOSHI shirts do not compromise on anything.



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