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courtesy of VILDE SVANER



Functional and elegant, simple and modern... timeless beauty.


VILDE SVANER aims to to create aesthetic fashion which is ecological and economical sustainable. Therefore, VILDE SVANER use only organic, fair trade, and recycled material.


VILDE SVANER places great importance on "Made in Germany" and tries to maintain transparency to customers.


The textiles used are all supplied within Germany. Part of the production is done by local seamstresses; the rest is by VILDE SVANER.

The dyeing of the fabric is also done by VILDE SVANER using dye meeting Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or at least ÖKO-Tex-Standard 100.


Antje Wolter was born in Rostock, Northern Germany. After graduating from high school, she moved to Weimar to study design.

Anne Gorke was also born in Weimar. After graduating from high school and spending one and a half year in Italy working for a fashion label, she returned to Weimar and studied media theory and marketing.

They met in Weimar and founded VILDE SVANER in 2008.


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