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courtesy of ROMBAUT



Rough yet minimal designs. Artisanally crafted in Italy.
ROMBAUT shoes eliminate toxic and animal-derived substances in the process.


The shoe upper is ...tree bark.
ROMBAUT uses sustainably-farmed fig treebark from Uganda, and mulberry tree bark, known as "TAPA", harvested on the islands of the South Pacific.

The styles are subsequently coated in Amazon rubber for a new, organic and water repellent finish.
Insole is made of coconut fibre mixed with natural latex from Sri Lanka.
Sole is also natural latex from Sri Lanka.


Recently, ROMBAUT also collaborated with honest by..
ROMBAUT represents more than just a shoe, but a directional fashion concept designed for a more balanced future.

 honese by. ROMBAUT



Belgian designer Mats Rombaut is based in Paris, France. ROMBAUT is his first solo project after over five years experience in menswear accessories development and production in Paris with Lanvin menswear and later Damir Doma.


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