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courtesy of KUYICHI




Because we wear denim everyday,

let's look good and love the world



In2000, Dutch NGO Solidaridad started developing organic cotton in Peru. However, none of the big brands in fashion industry was interested in using organic cotton. Solidaridad therefore decided to start its own brand. In 2001 Kuyichi is born.
Having fair trade and sustainability as their concept, Kuyichi started from a small local denim brand.
Kuyichi's headquater is based in Haarlem, Netherlands.



The first organic cotton Kuyichi used was Tanguis cotton from Oro Blanco, Peru.
The name "Kuyichi" is derived from the Peruvian god of the rainbow.


Kuyichi uses a variety of sustainable materials.
Hemp, Organic cotton, Linen, Spare, Tencel, Recycled wool, Recycled polyester, Vegetable tanned leather, Recycled cototn, Natural dyes, Andes handknit...
Each product carries coloured tag to show what sustainable concept is behind.


 "Love the world because without it there would be no denim or fashion. So let's take care of the environment, farmers, workers, people behind your jeans."


Kuyichi is built up from three collections ; "Pure Denim", "Pure Plus", and "Pure Premium".

"Pure Denim" are the base of Kuyichi collection including tops, trousers and accessories using sustainable materials.

"Pure Plus" are women's line with more feminin design and materials.

"Pure Premium" keep Pure Denim concept but are made from premium fabrics and state of the art washes. Pure Premium jeans are produced in Italy and Japan.

pure premium

courtesy of KUYICHI


Kuyichi's main suppliers are certified with SA8000, FAIRWEAR, BSCI, WRAP and FLOW. Kuyichi aims to have all suppliers certified by 2012. Kuyichi is also the member of MADE-BY, which aims to increase the transparency within the fashion industry, and therefore each items are tagged with a blue button with numbers to enable customers to track the production process.



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