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Jimmy Fairly

Jimmy Fairly



courtesy of Jimmy Fairly



Deliver vision with style.

Buy One, Give One.

Good vision is indispensable for our everyday life. To improve vision is to improve the quality of life.

However, eyeglasses and contact lenses are not always accessible to everyone.


733 million people in the world live with vision problems.

More than 75% of these people can improve their vision with just a pair of glasses. However, some cannot afford to buy a pair, and others do not have the access to examination.

Jimmy Fairly from Paris works with selected NGOs including VOIR LA VIE and Peuples d’Himalaya to deliver eyeglasses for socially and economically disadvantaged people in Africa, India and France.

The concept of Jimmy Fairly is "Buy One, Give One".
Every purchase made is directly connected to the donation of a pair of glasses for those in need.


Inspired by the classic frames from 1950 to 1980.

Several months were spent in Paris on designing and developing a unique collection of both contemporary and vintage-inspired.

jimmy fairly 3

Jimmy Fairly frames are made in Italy while preserving the traditional eyeglass manufacturing skills. Selected materials that meet the highest quality standards are used.
Each of the frames is directly cut from a sheet of acetate to maintain color consistency and soundness of the structure.

Lenses are made in France by a renowned lens manufacturer.

Every pair is available at 95 EUR.





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