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Florence To

Florence To



courtesy of Florence To




Old clothing. Unwanted clothing.

Don't throw them away. 

They can have another life.


The materials used for Florence To collection are pre-used as in ends of materials that are unwanted from wholesales and scraps from markets as well as old curtains and fabrics that are passed on scraps from ends that will be thrown away.


Most of the materials have been kept for years till  Florence has enough to create a new collection.
All collections are made in her studio and are sold on request, so nothing is made in mass.
Florence doesn't continue making unless she knows it will not be wasted again.


At present I work as a visual artist using a similar theme by using unwanted fabrics or fabrics that is wasted easily as screens for motion graphics and installations for events. I continue to work in a resourceful way to be creative but only if its is useful.



Designer and visual artist Florence To completed Masters of Design (Design Practice: Textiles as Fashion) at the Glasgow School of Art in 2008.

After working with brands including Preen, Boudicca and Alexander McQueen to assist tailoring and garment production, she works as a freelance fashion designer since 2008 and as a freelance visual artist since 2009. 


Florence To

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