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courtesy of Elementum



Infinite possibilities from a minimum cuts on a piece of a cloth .

Elementum aims to reduce consumption and waste by providing maximum use with minimum cuts. All designs are based on the total use of a piece of cloth in a tubular dimension.


Elementum's main collections are "Simple" consisting of light jersey items, and "Refine" consisting of warm and soft knitwear. Natural fibres such as organic cotton, alpaca and organic merino wool are used in their collection.

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Daniela Pais completed her B.A at the Fashion department of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon in 2002. In the same year, she co-founded with designer Jorge Moita, "Krv Kurva", which is known for its success of "La.ga.Bag".

In 2005, she started the Masters program " Man and Humanity" at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
Later, she undertook a research about the consumption of clothing, which developed into a project called "Clothing Species". This project, which turned out to reaffirm the fundamentals behind fashion and identity, was developed into Elementum.




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