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Anja Hynynen

Anja Hynynen



courtesy of Anja Hynynen



To be treasured over a long time, 

create one of a kind and made to order clothes and accessories with love and time...



All materials are carefully chosen to be organically grown and ethically produced being made from wool, hemp, linen, cotton and silk.

The colours used are primarily the natural colours of these fibres or colours derived from natural vegetable dyes.


Anja also collaborates with Ardalanish, an organic farm and weaving mill located on the Isle of Mull off Scotland's west coast, using their original organic tweed. Anja Hynynen collection is all made in Sweden by hand, and Ardalanish collection is made at Ardalanish.



Anja was born in Sweden in 1983. Art and handcrafts have been in the family for generations. Her passion was found in textiles, following time as a tailor's apprentice and studying dressmaking.

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