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Animals - Fashion Victims

Animals - Fashion Victims


PETA: Fashion Victims, Narrated by Tim Gunn)

This is a short documentary about how all kinds of animals around the world are used by the fashion industry. This video contains

Rabbit fur comes mostly from China. As shown in this undercover investigation, rabbits are kept alone in tiny boxes. And when it's time for slaughter, rabbits are given electric shock multiple times. Animals are often still conscious, but then their throats are cut before they are hung up by their legs. It takes 30 to 40 rabbit skins to make just  one jacket.


On other fur firms in China, animals skins are literally peeled off their bodies, often when animals are still conscious.


But fur firms aren't found only in China. A PETA investigation of a fur firm in the United States revealed that foxes were living with exposed  bones, wounds, and eye infection. They are killed by anal electrocution.


Another investigation exposed that farmers killed minks with injection of weed killer, and chinchillas are electrocuted or had necks are broken.


Wild animals in the US and Russia are caught in traps,  and they suffer for days starving and excruciating pain. Some animals drawn in underwater traps.


But what happens to wools and leather?


Australian merino wools are producing with the procedure called mulesing, in which chunks of skins and flesh are cut from lamb's back sides,


In India, a leading leather exporter, cows often have their tales broken and chili peppers are rubbed into their eyes in order to force them to get up and walk to slaughter house.


Snakes are cut with knives before being skinned, and left to die.

Alligators sometimes remain conscious up to two hours after being skinned alive.



People have freedom of choice. But remember.

There are animals losing their lives for your fashion.

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